Dentures can  – and should – be about more than just putting some white things where the teeth used to be. Among other concerns with the denture process, a good dentist will take the time to ensure that:

  • The upper front teeth align with your eyes, nose, ears and face to create a pleasing harmony.
  • The missing bone, gums and teeth are accurately replaced in the denture teeth and base, to fill out your face to its past condition.
  • The teeth should be made of a material with the pearlescent, layered appearance of your original tooth enamel.
  • The shade of the teeth should match your natural coloration, skin, hair, eyes, etc.
  • The height and curve of your upper and lower teeth match to your natural smile line.
  • The width of the arches fill in any dark spaces in your smile and properly support your cheeks and jaw muscles.
  • Your speech and swallowing habits aren’t affected by your new dentures.

Dr. Manuel’s training in Prosthetics, Facial Orthopedics, Orthodontics and Myofunctional Therapy address all of these concerns and more.

In addition to the above concerns, you need to make sure that your dentures are:

  • Made of a high quality, reliable, flexible, but tough material known to be free of contaminants or foreign materials.
  • Finished with a high pressure, high heat curing process for strength, longevity, and the assurance no stray chemicals will leech out in your mouth over time.
  • Crafted by a high quality, reputable, local laboratory to ensure problem free years of enjoyment as well as a quick, knowledgeable, local source for emergency repairs or warranty work.
  • Designed and maintained by a dentist with decades of experience and post graduate training in Prosthetics.

And finally, you want to deal with a dental office that responds quickly to your needs should any post delivery adjustments be needed.

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