Gum Disease Control


  • 75% of the Adult Population has some form of Periodontal (Gum) Disease.
  • Most are not aware of the damage that is occurring.
  • Much damage can occur before any pain is noticed.


Untreated gum disease is much worse than Bad Breath – it can be hazardous to your general health and longevity.

We used to think that once the bacteria associated with Periodontal Disease were controlled, the loss of gum, bone and teeth would stop, but that was not the case. Now we know that the bacteria and root deposits can leave a chemical marker on the root surface that the body identifies as a foreign object. Just like the skin reaction to a splinter, the gum and bone tissues can become inflamed and try to push out the offending object.  As the skin tries to fester out a splinter, the gums try to fester out your teeth.

We used to think that just getting your teeth cleaned, above and below the gum line, was enough to stop the damage from Gum Disease. Now we know that your susceptibility can vary with location and time. As such, the situation is best monitored frequently with attention given to the active sites as they arise.

We used to think that Dental Cleanings (Prophylaxis) done at 6-month intervals could keep the problematic deposits and bacteria under control. Now we know that the bacteria usually repopulate an area within 90 days (3 months) to the point of beginning to cause more inflammation and bone loss. It’s best to have 3-month cleanings and evaluations if you have ever had Gum Disease.

We used to think that all people were equally affected at all times by the Gum Disease. Now we know that your individual health conditions can affect your susceptibility to Gum Disease, and may even vary over time. For instance, Diabetes, Liver Disease, and other health problems can make you more susceptible to Gum Disease Damage. Even your medications can have an effect.

We used to think that Gum Disease only affected your teeth, gums and bone. Now we know that the constant, low level, inflammation from Gum Disease is related to calcification of the arteries, strokes, heart attacks, dementia, and at least 5 different cancers.

Will I need Gum Surgery?

A thorough examination, x-rays, and measurements of the gum pockets are needed to help us assess your unique situation. In most cases, therapy begins with cleaning under the gums (Deep Scaling or Root Planning) to remove sub-gingival deposits and smooth the root surfaces. Usually this can be done using a numbing gel under the gum flap. Extreme cases may require regular dental local anesthetic. Home care instructions are given and a 30-day evaluation appointment is made in order to see how your system responds to the Deep Scaling. From that time on, you will ideally need 3 to 4-month evaluations and occasional other procedures done for the rest of your life.

If this initial evaluation detects advanced disease, health complications, or inadequate healing, we will fill out a Referral Form, share our records, and help you find a Periodontal Specialist with whom we can coordinate to manage your condition. If you prefer to begin at a Periodontal Specialist, just let us know at the outset.

There is no cure for Periodontal Disease.

We can only superimpose a Control Program and evaluate on a regular basis in order to identify and treat problem areas as they arise.

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