Staging / Planning

Getting Started Can feel Overwhelming

Finding out what needs to be done to restore your dental health can be overwhelming, leaving you to wonder how you’ll ever get everything done. The answer comes from separating the big picture into easily achievable “Baby Steps”. We can Stage your treatment to match your situation.

A sample staging plan might include the following steps:

  1. Start with the priorities - Relieving pain and infection.   Root Canals. Removal of hopeless teeth.
  2. Stop the Damage Process - Preventive Fluoride, diet changes and dental cleanings to slow decay in large holes. Temporary Fillings and Pulp Caps to avoid the need for Root Canal Therapy
  3. Restore by Priority – Begin with the large defects first with Crowns and Temporary Partials, etc. Then, restore the medium defects and small defects.

Proceed in “baby steps” until your oral health is restored.

Creating Your Custom Treatment Plan

Once you select your desired result, we can arrange the treatment steps to match your needs and schedule.

  • A “Priority only” schedule would consist of those treatments that could cause serious pain and/or infection in 6 months if left untreated.
  • Being able to perform most of the specialty work at our office means that you can go as fast or slow as you wish without having to drive all over town.
  • Choose to address only the “Priorities”, or only “Restore Decay”, or “Restore All” damaged teeth. And select from “Ideal” or “Cosmetic”  options.
  • Time non-priority work to get the most from your insurance benefits.

Treatment Planning helps you understand the conditions and remedies, putting you in control of your dental health.

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