Teeth Whitening

When it comes to whitening your teeth, choose from a full menu of options to fit your exact needs.

One Stop Power Whitening

Dash, Zoom, or similar one appointment power whitening treatments will quickly prepare you for that wedding, reunion, or other special occasion. Includes custom fitted take home trays.

Take Home Whitening Kits

Custom trays and a stock of take-home whitening refills allow you to touch up your smile any time you wish with one or two, 30 minute treatments in a day.

One-Visit Veneers

The new composite materials allow us to instantly change your smile with crack and fracture resistant, thin veneers covering the front of your front teeth. Easily trimmed and reparable, composite veneers offer years of service.

Full Orthodontic Makeover

Even white teeth can look dark if they are tipped back or down so that the overhead light bounces off them to the floor instead of to the people around you. Sideways twisted teeth will also look dark to your friends. Amazingly, the proper, balanced position of the teeth also makes them look the lightest.

Limited Orthodontic Makeover

Sometimes a short period in braces, braces on one arch only, or removable appliances like Invisalign, OrthoClear, or spring retainers can correct your crooked teeth.

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Custom made in the laboratory to fit your teeth, Porcelain restorations have invisible margins and maintain a glass-like shine. Of course, Full Crowns are stronger and allow more correction than do the thin veneers.

Orthopedic Jaw Reshaping

Look at your smile in the mirror. Are there dark, triangular “corridors” on each side? This can happen when the upper jaw fails to grow to it’s full width, leaving a narrow front where the incisors are and then dropping off to the dark back of the mouth. Even adults can have the upper jaw grown wider to it’s proper width in a short time. If you look at most models and successful people, they have bright, wide smiles. With Orthopedics, you can have one too.

Implant Tooth Replacement

The best way to keep the natural translucent look of your front teeth is to replace the missing ones with implants. Fixed bridges require cutting down the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space and the connections required interfere with natural color and translucency. Implants take the load off adjacent teeth, but bridges triple the load on adjacent teeth. Implants can also better maintain the natural gum tissue profile.

Dentures and Partials

Any time we lose a tooth, the gum and bone goes away. Over the years, the overlying facial structures lose their support. The cheeks sink in, the lips flatten, and the jowls sag from the closed bite and lack of inside support. A “Cosmetic Denture” can be designed to replace the lost inside tooth, gum and bone structures which will “plump out” and properly support the facial muscles and tissues. It is like an “inside out” face lift – without any major surgery. And, of course, the denture teeth can be positioned to properly reflect the overhead light out to your friends and companions, reflecting your bright, new smile.

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