TMJ Care

What is TMJ?

Common symptoms of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) include headaches, face/jaw pain, tiredness, tooth grinding, clenching, limited opening and popping of the jaw.

TMJ can be caused by bites that kick the jaw out of position, contain interferences to closing, missing or damaged back teeth resulting in inadequate posterior jaw support, jaw size/position discrepancies, trauma from accidents or habits, systemic joint maintenance problems, orthodontic problems, and more.

Most discomfort can be eased by minimally invasive procedures, such as bite adjustment, bite plates, orthodontic, or orthopedic appliances. Re-establishing support of the back teeth via Dentures, Partials, Crowns, or Implants will help take the excess load off the TM Joint.

A combination of different conditions, including the joint condition, systemic health, arthritis, jaw situation, bite, lost or broken down teeth, habits, general health, stress in life, etc. can result in symptoms.

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