Turn Back Time

End Loose Dentures with Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are the least expensive way to hold a denture in place. They are placed in sets of 4 to 6 implants, if you have deep enough bone, and immediately engaged. To fully support the heavy biting forces, the larger, standard or Bicon Short Implants can be placed if you have wide enough bone.

Replace Unsightly Clasps with Snap Implants

Do the metal wires and clasps from your partial denture drive you crazy? Are they unsightly? Are they loose or broken? You can have a small implant placed underneath your partial denture with a snap on top to hold it in place and cut off those problematic metal clasps. You can put a short implant or two underneath and allow them to support your biting forces, protecting your real teeth. You can add one or two implants at a time and then, one day, throw away your partial denture by having the implant snap tops replaced with tooth crowns.

End Denture Discomfort with Implants

Start with some snaps on a couple of short implants to hold your denture in place. Gradually add implants until you can throw away those floppy dentures and chew with crowns on the implants. You can then enjoy the comfort, function and good looks you had with your original teeth.

Care Credit Financing for Dental Work

You can get 6 month and 12-month Interest Free Financing when approved for this Health Care Credit Card. It can be used for Physician visits or even for your pet’s visits to the Vet. We can help you apply, or you can apply at home by phone or online.

Orthopedic Tissue Support

The Sun rises in the East, Water runs downhill, and you will have Less Bone tomorrow than you have today. Years of worn or missing teeth allow the bone in your jaws to diminish over time, reducing the underneath facial tissue support you had in your Twenties. Your bite closes in time, adding to the sunken cheeks, flat lips and sagging jowl tissue. If you have teeth, we can grow that upper jaw width. If not, we can build up the proper tissue support in your dentures. If your bite is closed we can open it and provide the underneath structural tissue support you need for younger, healthier looking facial tissue profiles. Like a face lift without the surgery.

Orthodontic Lip Support

Often, people whose front teeth tip back do not get Orthodontic treatment as children, but this situation causes severe damage to the teeth, bone and jaws over the years. Back tipped teeth drive the jaw back further and further over time, contributing to Headaches and TMJ problems. They also look dark or dirty since the overhead light bounces off them and down to the floor, instead of bouncing out to the eyes of those around you. Correcting the position of these tipped back front teeth will provide greater lip and cheek support for you. It is kind of like an Internal Face Lift with no surgery involved.

Bone and Tissue Grafts

As mentioned above, the Sun rises in the East, Water runs downhill, and you will have Less Bone tomorrow than you do today. That is life. BUT, we can do things to slow bone and tissue loss. AND we can put bone and tissue back with grafts.

Cosmetic Designed Dentures

Was your denture Cosmetically Designed specifically for You? …for Your Face? …for your Coloration? There is more to making dentures than just putting white bits where the teeth used to be. Occlusal planes need to match your pupil line, your side profile lines, your nose. The curve of the teeth need to match your Lip Lines, your Cheek Contours, your Biting Habits. Areas of bone and tissue loss can be built up from underneath to support those tissues which used to be held in place with real teeth, gums and bone. Of course, you need them designed to allow you natural speech too!

Chew Better with Bite Renewal

Teeth are designed to wear over time. This closes the bite, lets the lower jaw slide, and flattens the biting surfaces. You can’t chew as well as you used to! Crowns, fillings, denture teeth all wear at different rates. The bite is out of balance. Even if you have all of your teeth, the function may need to be restored with fillings, crowns, implants, partials, etc.. Sometimes, an Occlusal Adjustment to balance the bite can be coupled with adding contours to restore the efficiency of your bite. Dentures and partials can have the teeth replaced.

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