Urgent Care


CALL 316-943-2266 ASAP and leave Emergency Message, Code 12

Timely Emergency Service

We leave time in our daily schedule for your emergency needs. If you contact us early in the morning, we can usually address your pain/swelling/broken tooth that day. We may not be able to completely fix the problem in an emergency visit, though. The later in the day you call, the less likely it is that we can work you into the schedule. Urgent care needs can usually be addressed in 1 to 3 days.

After Hours Emergency Needs

Calling us at 316-943-2266 after working hours, you will get a recorded message advising you to dial “10″ to leave a message for the receptionist or to dial “12″ to leave an Emergency Message for Dr. Manuel. Dr. Manuel will return your call as soon as practical. While it is very difficult to carry out dental treatment when the office is closed, we should be able to help you in some way to handle the situation until we can get you into the office during working hours. We cannot prescribe medications unless you are currently under active treatment in our office.

Relief of Tooth Pain and Infection

Our first aim in your emergency is to relieve pain and infection in order to get the situation under control so you can have the final restoration, etc., done in an organized manner.

One Visit Root Canals

If your abscessed tooth is salvageable, and if there is adequate time, we can usually perform the Root Canal Therapy at your emergency visit. If you prefer, or the situation requires, an Endodontic Specialist (Root Canal Specialist), we will fill out a Specialist Referral Form, share our records, and help you coordinate the care of a specialist.

Extractions, Simple and Complicated

We can remove teeth on an emergency basis if the situation requires this. Dr. Manuel is highly experienced in Surgical Removals. We have Nitrous Oxide Gas for relaxation, but if you prefer, or the situation requires, an Oral Surgeon, we will fill out a Specialist Referral Form, share our records, and help you coordinate the care of a specialist.

Implants Placed at Extraction Visit

We stock a full inventory of Mini Dental Implants, Standard Dental Implants, and Short Dental Implants. If there is not too much infection or damage, we can place an implant in the extraction site at the time of the extraction for you. This saves you visits and discomfort. If you are thinking of having an implant placed in a damaged tooth site, contact us before it becomes a huge infection if you’d like an “Immediate Implant”, i.e., an implant placed at the time of extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dr. Manuel has years of experience and training in the removal of Wisdom Teeth. The more severe the impaction, the greater the likelihood of post operative swelling and discomfort whether removed by Dr. Manuel or an Oral Surgeon. We have Nitrous Oxide Gas for relaxation, but do not put you to sleep here in our office. If you prefer or require an Oral Surgeon, we will fill out a Specialist Referral Form, share our records and help you coordinate the care of a specialist.

TMJ Evaluation and Treatment

The term “TMJ” (TemperoMandibular Joint) problems has become a catch all describing a number of common problems. In most cases the symptoms of TMJ can be reduced in severity and frequency by providing some basic therapies. It is very rare, even with a damaged joint, that surgery will be needed to help you out. Most TMJ cases can experience relief by providing a supported, protected, properly positioned, and balanced position. There is no officially recognized Dental TMJ Specialist, but there are some dentists who do a lot of TMJ therapy. If you prefer or require these services, we will support your decision and cooperate with your treating doctor.

Repair of Broken Teeth

A broken tooth can be painful and embarrassing. We can take impressions for a full crown and make you a good looking temporary crown. In some cases, a large, tooth colored, composite filling may be placed to restore your broken tooth. We can even do a Root Canal, Post, and Crown at the Emergency Visit.

Repair of Broken Dentures

While we prefer to have a local dental laboratory repair broken Partials and Dentures, we do have a small in house lab where we can usually make provisional repairs until you can find the time to have us send it to an outside lab.

Mouth Injury Treatment

Bikes crash, ladders fall, and feet slip. Accidents can hurt your teeth. After first deciding if an Emergency Room Visit is needed, it is important to call us as soon as possible, especially with children’s injuries, to visit about the best thing to do. In general, if the tooth is knocked out of position, you want to pop it back into position before a blood clot forms. If the tooth is knocked completely out, you can put it in a tissue moistened with saliva or tap water, or milk and bring it into the office. You can clean it gently with saliva.  Do not try to clean off the tooth with soap and water, do not rinse in lots of tap water as such will injure the cells on the root surface. There are cementum cells and ligament fibers that will die from cleaning. If the tooth is judged to be relatively clean and free of dangerous bacteria, you can just put it back into the socket to protect those root structures until you can see us at the office.

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